13 Fully Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Transcription is the process of turning an audio recording into written format. A transcriptionist is typically a person with high attention to detail and fast and accurate typing skills. Research jobs also ranked highly in our article remote jobs that pay well without a degree on the best jobs for work life-balance. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Research Analyst is $44,452. The job of a researcher is to obtain information from a number of sources to prepare the data for analysis.

remote jobs that don't require a degree

Numerous companies are searching for beginner-level writers to create SEO-friendly content. With the housing market experiencing a boom, underwriters are in high demand. “We are a huge supporter of the college programs of a two-year, four-year, master’s, PhD level,” Harper said. “However, if they have equivalent to that in a work experience and/or more without the degree, they will be considered as well.” For instance, Adams said given “effective communication is crucial in any role,” people looking for work could note instances they have shown strong communication skills. Adams also noted how soft skills like teamwork and flexibility can be important for people applying to jobs.

Remote Jobs That Don’t List a College Degree as a Top Requirement

Launch a new remote-friendly career with confidence by completing a Professional Certificate on Coursera. Learn at your own pace from industry-leading companies, like Meta, Google, and IBM. Take an active role in protecting your company’s data, computers, and networks from cyberattacks and data breaches as an information security analyst. This demand for cybersecurity skills has created nearly half a million job openings in the United States alone in 2021 [3]. Social media marketers leverage social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, to attract new customers and engage with existing ones.

Others cancelled their vacations and spent much less money on dining, which left them with extra discretionary income. This came together to represent a 44% growth in E-Commerce sales in the U.S.. The rise of remote work resulting from pandemic lockdowns has also led to an increase in cybersecurity threats. A Deloitte study found more than 500,000 instances of data theft related to videoconferencing between February and May 2020.

What are the best paying entry-level remote jobs?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Data Entry Specialist is $37,041. Data entry is the process of moving information from one place to another or updating information https://remotemode.net/ as it changes. Data entry could be moving figures paper to digital format, switching data from one system to another, or updating records in an existing database.

Customer service representatives interact with customers to provide information and support in response to inquiries about products or services and to handle and resolve complaints. Data Entry
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Data entry professionals enter data into a computer system or into some type of secure file system and may perform other types of clerical activities. Data entry workers generally must be able to read and have a fast typing speed.


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