Company Background

When Carl’s Jr. put an impossible burger on their menu, that’s when it became apparent that meat alternative products had reached the big time. 

Companies like Impossible and Beyond Meat have shown why the plant-based meat market is expected to hit $27B+ by 2025. 

Akua seeks to stand out in the alt-meat market by offering products that are produced from ocean-farmed kelp. 

The unique offer of kelp based products is that kelp is an abundant resource that can be farmed without the need for freshwater, dry land, or fertilizer.  So in the fight against climate change, Akua brings regenerative aquaculture to the battle against this existential threat.

The Future of Akua

Akua has already made a name for themselves in the snack vertical of the food industry.  Their Kelp “Jerky” can be found in 40+ grocery retailers across the country including Costco, Kroger, and many more.  

Akua hopes to build on the success of their jerky by expanding their product line to include pasta style noodles and burger patties.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Growing market: The alt-meat market is projected to hit $27B by 2025. 
  2. Unique offering: Kelp based products add a plant based offering that doesn’t require freshwater, dry land, or fertilizers. 
  3. Buzz: Akua’s kelp jerky won Time’s best invention and Fast Company’s World Changing Idea awards

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