Company Background

Electric vehicles are the future. But there are two things that have kept most people out of the electric vehicle market.

Price…Tesla’s are the new BMW when it comes to a status symbol but they’ve got the pricetag to show for it.

Range… saving the environment is great, but not when you’re chained to a 200+ mile radius. Aptera is a company that seeks to address both those issues by providing an electric vehicle that’s economical (entry price point is projected to be in the high $30k’s) and has a 1k+ mile range on a single charge. In other words, you’re only reason for a pit stop on a road trip will be for bathroom breaks.









The Future of Aptera

By 2022, Aptera hopes to be selling over 11k vehicles per year.  And considering the affordable price point, that figure doesn’t feel that far fetched.  

And don’t let the sleek design fool you, the Aptera is designed with a passenger safety cell that’s stronger than any production vehicle on the road today!

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Niche advantages in the space: designed for efficiency, affordability, and safety rather than aesthetic appeal (though I still think the car looks pretty cool), Aptera could carve itself a niche in the electric vehicle market.  
  2. Affordable build costs: with only 10 key structural components, the vehicle has a lower build cost than most other vehicles on the road today.  
  3. Good for the planet: with the growing dangers incurred by climate change, companies that offer a strong solution in the area of renewables will see increased demand in the market. 


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