Company Background

The tiny home craze is upon us.  But all tiny home companies aren’t created equal.  

Back Porch Homes is setting itself apart as a one-stop-shop in the market by offering services that extend far beyond their industry-leading homes.  

Offering everything from in-house financing to relocation support, BPH not only offers an affordable housing solution but they make it possible to create a home.  

Seeing is believing… check out the video below to get a good look at what makes them unique.



The Future of Back Porch Homes

BPH is quickly gaining momentum.  Once they announced the release of their flagship product, the Companion, they received an astounding 70 pre-sale orders within the first 48 hours!  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Join the conversation:  BPH is on their 3rd round of funding so you’ll be joining an existing group of investors that have already seen promise in this emerging company.  
  2. All-Star lead team: Co-founders Stephen McKee and Todd Bayer bring with them a strong resume of industry specific success.  Strong leadership is a running theme among successful startups and BPH seems to have that in spades.  
  3. Strong partnerships: BPH has an initial focus of selling to their 5k member Inland Empire Real Estate Investor Club.  By helping these partners increase the value of their investment properties, BPH could build a sturdy financial foundation that could help them scale far and wide. 



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