Company Background

The covid pandemic has brought the need for telehealth front and center.  The strain that covid has put on the traditional health system has made non-covid related health needs a little trickier.  

Luckily millions of dollars and numerous man-hours have been invested in scaling telehealth and present it as the viable addition to the future of health care.  

But what about “man’s best friend”?  

Benevet believes it can bring telehealth to the veterinarian field.   Now a pet owner has a way to connect with their Veterinarian and facilitate the health care of their pets without ever needing to step foot in a veterinary hospital! 

From video and audio meetings, client photos and videos, secure messaging, to billing and documentation, Benevet provides the full suite of services available to their human counterparts.

The Future of Benevet

With this round of crowdfunding, Benevet is hoping to complete production and bring the product to market.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Timeliness: While telehealth for pets will always be a need, the pandemic has particularly highlighted the need for such services due to the level of complexity that safety regulations have put on the veterinary industry. 
  2. One stop shop: From telecommunications, to messaging, to billing and documentation, Benevet does it all. 
  3. Team of advisors: The advisory team for Benevet includes industry heavyweights in the field of veterinary medicine.

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