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Boba.  Spend any time on either coast of the US and you’re bound to run into a place that serves this yummy drink.  

Bobacino is an innovative company that sees the market potential of bringing the boba craze to the rest of the US.  

Usually franchises are hesitant to expand too quickly because of the high overhead of building out new locations.  

Bobacino believes it can solve that issue with their stand alone automated boba tea bar.  

Now any place that has high foot traffic is the perfect spot for a Bobacino machine!  

Get ready middle America!  Bobacino is about to bring the boba craze to a city near you!

The Future of Bobacino

Boba has been taking the globe by storm.  In 2019 it was a $5.3B industry, and it’s projected to reach $8B+ by 2024.  

Bobacino is seeking to ride that wave with a business model that is low on overhead costs but high on quality. 

The huge competitive advantage that Bobacino has is their startup cost and timeframe.  While a traditional sit down boba business model can cost upwards of $250k and take up to 12 months, Bobacino can be up and running within two weeks with a start up cost of only $50k.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Target market: Bringing the craze of boba to the huge expanse of states that fit between the east and west coast. 
  2. Quick scalability: With a startup cast of $50k and a turnaround time of only two weeks, Bobacino can scale quickly. 
  3. Emerging market: the global boba market is set to grow by $3B within the next four years.

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