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If you’ve ever been a part of the hiring process, you know that finding good talent is no easy task.  

In fact, the HR recruitment sector is a $12B industry!  On average HR Managers spend $4k+ sourcing, recruiting, and staffing a new hire.  

Champions of Diversity is a virtual career platform that brings a much-needed overhaul to recruitment. 


























Champions of Diversity has created a recruitment platform that adds a virtual spin on traditional job fair-style recruitment.  They offer a range of innovative tools that add value to both the job seeker and recruiter… now that’s a win-win!




The Future of Champions of Diversity

With their use of AI technology and a groundbreaking virtual engagement process, Champions of Diversity hopes to become the new Linkedin.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Cost effective solution to career fairs: Companies spend thousands of dollars on career fairs, often to little avail.  A key marker of a company that’s going places is providing an innovative solution that offers a desired end at a fraction of the cost.  Champions of Diversity has established a track record of doing just that for recruitment and hiring.  
  2. Market acceptance: Used by such heavy hitters as Verizon, Apple, and Geico, Champions of Diversity is gaining steam in the hiring space. 
  3. Where the industry is going, not where it’s been: success comes from joining the conversation that’s already happening.  As millennials continue to enter the workforce, they’ll seek opportunities in ways that are familiar to them… i.e. using social networking and virtual assets over career fairs and old school job boards. 








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