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Football, or Soccer as it is known here by most, is arguably one of the biggest sports in the world attracting millions of fans from nearly every country.  While not yet on the level of Europe or Latin America, ‘football fever’ is steadily taking hold among US markets.This is abundantly clear in the growing number of football clubs and increasing attendance rates nationwide.  

chattanooga football club

The Chattanooga Football Club (Chattanooga F.C.) is a soccer club out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that is now trying to capitalize on the growth of soccer and optimize the way fans can engage with the club!  With a fan base averaging roughly 4,000 fans per game, and a maximum attendance of 18,000 fans at the 2015 NPSL National Final, this could be a great opportunity for soccer enthusiasts to invest in the future of soccer in the U.S.

How Does Ownership Work?

With a minimum investment of $125, you can now become a part owner in Chattanooga Football Club through this unique crowdfunding opportunity.  

Your ownership stake comes with voting rights, an invitation to the annual shareholders meeting, and other special owner privileges.  In other words, this is real equity.

The Future of Chattanooga F.C.

The founders of the club believe the U.S. is entering a new era of growth for soccer.  As such, they want to enable their fans to become truly invested in their success both as a team and a sport.  By opening up their club to community ownership, the club’s founders ultimately hope to grow soccer in every community nationwide, from youth teams and facilities all the way up to professional clubs and athlete development.

It’s an interesting proposal to allow fans ownership in a soccer club because it opens the door to increased engagement and subtly acts as a form of viral advertising.  After all, if you owned part of the Green Bay Packers, who have this model of ownership, you would likely be watching every game and telling everyone you knew about it! Just imagine that same scenario in soccer which is a much smaller, but more scalable sport.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

The minimum investment to become a part owner in Chattanooga F.C. is a meager $125.  That opens the door up to nearly anybody with a passion for soccer. Plus, this gives you major bragging rights to tell your friends that you own part of a soccer club!  

Their are unique perks for investors contributing $250, $500, $1250, etc… all the way up to a $10000+ contribution.  If you are interested in learning more about this extremely unique opportunity, just click through the invest now button.

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