Company Background

With CBD being such a booming market, it was just a matter of time before it made its way into petcare.  

The market is a no-brainer.  Pet owners collectively spend $30B+ annually on pet food, treats, and pet care.  

But in the world of CBD, which is quickly becoming oversaturated, how is one supposed to differentiate itself?  

Enter CompanionCBD, a CBD company founded and run by veterinarians.  

They bring two key distinctions to the market: 

  1. CBD products are unregulated and thus it’s difficult to know what a pet owner is actually giving to their furry loved ones.  Being Vet-run and Vet-approved, CompanionCBD offers products that are tailored to the specific size and type of your pet.  
  2. How do they do this?  By their user-friendly “Ask a Vet” portal where an owner can consult a real live veterinarian to make sure they’re getting the right dosage and administering the CBD in the right manner. 





The Future of CompanionCBD

The Future of CompanionCBD

2020 holds some exciting developments for CompanionCBD.  They will be releasing next-gen updates of their existing products as well as venturing into the new vertical of equestrian (i.e. horses) care. 





What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Entering a thriving market: Sales of CBD pet products grew 4x last year to a staggering $32B.  
  2. Offering quality assurance and access to medical professionals: Their “Ask a Vet” portal offers access to real live veterinarians who can help find the best solution tailored to an owners pet.  
  3. Leading through Education: CompanionCBD created a Continuing Education platform (the first of its kind) to train veterinarians and their staff on CBD care for pets.




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