Company Background

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP are masters at helping traditional companies increase sales performance and customer relationships.  

But the gig economy is anything but traditional.  And for gig companies like Uber, Mary Kay, or The Pampered Chef (just to name a few), underperformance and churn rate are a constant issue.  

So what’s a company like that to do when it’s searching for enterprise software?  

The Salesforce’s of the world are vying for a piece of the $189B direct selling market, but their technology doesn’t account for the human relational element that is such a linchpin in the gig market.  

Enter DirectTech Labs, a company using AI and behavioral science (with the help of interactive bots) to raise the success level of micro-influencers and gig workers.  

Using their proprietary AI/Machine Learning system called Distro, they’re seeking to transform account-based marketing, direct sales, and social selling.

The Future of DirectTech Labs

DirectTech understands what companies like Netflix and Spotify have mastered, namely, that personalization is profitable.  

Live in 70+ countries, the innovative approach of their platform has already caught the eye of major players in the direct and social selling like Oriflame, Advocare, and Modere (just to name a few).  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Traction in their target vertical: Aside from the companies mentioned above, they count the likes of Plexus Worldwide, Kyani, and PM-International as clients.  
  2. Strong team: Co-founders have helped former companies scale from $1B to $30B and built startups that were acquired by Ebay/Stubhub.  
  3. Proprietary Platform: Their AI capabilities have created a database with over 11M data points, with 350k added each month. 




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