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Linkedin has become the standard currency of the business sector.  

But one sector that has desperately needed an equivalent platform is the entertainment industry.  The nature of their gig-based economy necessitates a different type of UI than a platform like Linkedin can offer.  

Doodeo is here to fill in that gap.  Where before entertainers needed to keep their gig-based workflow afloat with a patchwork of everything from event planners to social media, to Craigslist, they can now have all the usable elements that each of those avenues provided in one central platform.

The Future of Doodeo

Helped in part by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Ludacris and Charlie Sheen, Doodeo is seeing 111% average week-over-week new account growth.  

With a $40B market in their sights that’s growing at nearly $1B per year, Doodeo is primed to seize on a niche market that’s ready for the solutions that they’re offering.  

Future goals for Doodeo are adding VR functionality, instructors pages, and patron style funding functionality to their platform.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Advised by heavy hitters: their list of advisors include people from Google, Amazon, and Netflix. 
  2. Niche Market: Doodeo is set to do for entertainers what Linkedin did for traditional business. 
  3. Buzz: They’ve already been recognized by the likes of Charlie Sheen, Ludacris, and Wilf Scolding from Game of Thrones.

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