Company Background

Do you remember the frenzy that took the world by storm when Angry Birds and Candy Crush were everywhere including the Super Bowl commercials?  It was as if the whole world suddenly got into mobile gaming. Not to mention, it wasn’t just kids playing games on their phones… it was adults too!  And let’s not forget Fortnite, which has quickly become the most popular and profitable game on the planet!

Dun Rite is a team of highly skilled game developers and they have created what they believe is the next mobile gaming sensation.  How did they do this?… Well they picked apart every successful mobile gaming sensation and they created an open chat room with the gaming public to see what players really wanted.

How is Dun Rite Different?

To date, the Dun Rite team has published 10 games and its founder, Jake Dobbins, is a YouTube gaming sensation with over 109k active subscribers on YouTube.  

This company realized early that many big trending mobile games have a lifespan of around 6 months due to long upgrade times, high cost to play, and limited collaboration with other gamers.  In order to create a game that stands the test of time, they decided to create a game that is completely free to play.

Of course, the game has certain custom and upgrade options that cost money BUT… players will not gain any advantages over free players by simply spending money to gain an edge. That has been a major fallback of early games where paying members have too much power and they push out the larger freemium user base.

Bottom line – this game uses a ‘user-first’ approach that avoids the short vision of pay-to-play.  Monetization is always the end goal, but this company is primarily after an avid user base because prioritizing a user with a strong lifetime value will is always be the smarter play when it comes to the longevity of a profitable business model.  

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The Future of Dun Rite Games

When you look at the gaming industry as a whole, 51% of the total revenue now comes from mobile gaming applications…  that is nearly a $70 Billion industry just for mobile game applications! This makes sense considering the new pay-to-play gaming model which really gained acceptance in the Apple app store with games like Candy Crush and Game of War.  Many of us have heard the stories about parents getting $300 bills from their kids trying to beat an impossible level or getting sucked in themselves! That’s real money getting thrown into these games.


When it comes to the actual game that Dun Rite is developing, well you’ll have to check it out for yourself.  That said, here is an image of some of the characters to come. What we can say is that it will feature increased user to user interaction and an ability to upgrade and develop characters over time.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

For all interested investors, there are a couple things about this industry you should take into consideration.  First… this is a large market ($70B) with room for multiple winners. Second… even a game that can reach reasonable participation and revenue goals near the $1 Million mark has a chance for a sizeable exit for early investors.  

Dun Rite founder, Jake Dobbins is a professional at building and exiting startups and his team of engineers including Co-Founder Ricardo Velez are well positioned to create their unique vision.  Yes, competition in gaming is fierce and many games fall to the wayside, but that’s where gauging community sentiment, understanding management’s vision, and taking time to do research can take you a long way.

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