Company Background

Flower Turbines is pioneering the way for small wind turbine technology.  While many of us are used to seeing the massive turbines that often line high wind, desolate areas, these small turbine variants are a different breed.  They are made to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as more efficient in terms of energy produced per square foot. Ultimately, they are designed to channel wind in such a way that actually increases energy production when two units are placed closely together.  

Over 30% of the United States could be used for wind energy production, and in those areas solar energy would either perform worse or comparable to wind.  That means that there is an inherent demand for wind energy if corporations and individuals in these high wind areas can purchase turbines like these.

How Do Flower Turbines Work?

While the idea of small wind turbines is not entirely new, no company has created a technology that has overcome the aerodynamic issues of placing small turbines in dense, urban rooftop areas. Traditional turbines tend to only work where wind can flow open and free, without other turbines in the way and blocking the flow.  In other words, often times turbines become less effective when they get used in great numbers. That’s where Flower Turbines changes everything. This company has designed wind turbines that actually work better off each other, often increasing energy production by 15-20% when appropriately placed. This type of innovation allows the company to place multiple turbines in small areas.

About the Company

Dr FarbThe primary inventor and spokesman for Flower Turbines is Dr. Daniel Farb, a broadly skilled inventor with over 30 patents in renewable energy.  The company has also attracted excellent engineers in mechanical engineering and beyond to help achieve their dream of renewable wind energy for everyone.  Dr. Farb’s expertise in renewables and wind turbines has allowed him to speak before the US Congress, New York City, and the Council on Foreign Relations. The company is currently planning to add additional staff in marketing and sales roles as soon as they acquire the necessary funding.

The Future of Flower Turbines

Flower Turbines believes the total potential market for their wind turbines to be $100 billion, similar to where the solar industry is right now.  According to their research, the revenue per square meter for small wind turbines is 80% higher when compared to traditional solar, leaving a sizeable opportunity for wind to trump solar in compact urban areas. The increased efficiency in energy production per square foot also allows for potentially fast growth as corporations and individuals realize the potential to generate more energy in less space.  


Solar panels can create an eyesore and logistical nightmare for some communities, limiting some businesses from using them.  Additionally, some communities simply don’t have the sun supply to warrant solar energy as a viable energy source. Wind energy has similar restrictions to solar, however, it is limited by wind rather than sun.  With the widespread adoption of solar technology, it would make sense for wind to pick up the gaps in service. This is a unique opportunity for the company to capitalize and offer greater savings for corporate consumers who are looking for energy in windy areas.

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