Company Background

The franchise industry is making a comeback in a new and improved way. This is great news for someone considering early investing in a franchise-focused startup. 

Investors still know a few things to be true. Running a company under a familiar brand can help attract (and keep) loyal customers. Using established procedures simplifies business management.

Still, entrepreneurs are looking to improve a decades-old industry. This is franchise ownership with a modern twist. 

FranShares is a fractional franchise investment company that is reinventing franchise ownership. Rather than managing an entire franchise, users can make small, local investments. Micro-ownership is the future of franchises. 

What’s better? FranShares screens all eligible businesses and considers them “recession-resistant.” 

Read more to learn how funding can help the franchise market catch up to modern investing.

FranShares wants to revolutionize investing by viewing franchises as a crowdfunding opportunity. Rather than expecting clients to own 100% of a company, participants split shares. 

The company focuses on “need-based” industries that perform well in recessions. 

These industries include salons, automotive services, and fitness companies.  

When this type of investment performs well in an unstable market, it minimizes risk. As far as investment portfolio tips are concerned, this is crucial to success.

According to the company site, FranShares welcomes both accredited and unaccredited investors. User investments can start at only $500. This makes an investment opportunity more accessible than full franchise ownership.

This is because traditional franchise investments can be complicated. They need business plans and enough starting capital.

It is no wonder that hundreds of users have joined the FranShare waitlist.

The Future of Franshares

Franshares believes in SMART investing: 

  • Strong Returns – FranShares keeps investments low by avoiding high-cost franchises (like restaurants)
  • Mitigating Risk – FranShares vets all franchise brands for their investors
  • Anti-Fees – FranShares partners with users rather than charging fees
  • Recession Resistance – The franchise market is a successful industry
  • Transparency – The Federal Trade Commission regulates all transactions

This philosophy provides a great foundation for any investor. It is especially beneficial to those looking to finance a new investment opportunity. As an angel investor or primary shareholder, this investing philosophy increases confidence.

Along with its informed approach, FranShares has a new investment model. Rather than charging fees, the company partners with investors directly. This provides unique visibility for those interested in supporting the FranShares mission. With a hand in decision-making, shareholders have a voice in their next investment. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Become a shareholder in a thriving franchise ecosystem. Make an impact in a $787.5 billion market
  2. Support local businesses. FranShares serves the ethical investor through the funding and management of local franchises. 
  3. Join the buzz. FranShares estimates 100 daily signups to their user waitlist

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