Company Background

If you own an electric vehicle, you get a little jolt of joy every time you drive by a gas station.  

But as you see the range sneak towards 0, your jolt becomes one of anxiety as you desperately try and find a charging station.  And then your anxiety turns to full-blown panic when you find a charging station but see that it’s already in use.  

If only charging stations were as prevalent and as user-friendly as traditional gas stations.   

Enter Freschfield, a company that is seeking to be a major player in the emerging grid of charging options.  

Their HALO EV Charging stations provide the feel, accessibility, and convenience (full charge is as little as 20 min) of traditional fueling stations. 

The Future of Freschfield

Having already raised $7M+, Freschfield is charging towards its goal of being the leading global provider of zero-carbon networks for green grid infrastructure.  And if you consider the heavy hitters that make up their list of partners, customers, and strategic relations, it’s clear to see that they’ve got a lot of wind in their sail. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Targeting a red hot industry: By 2030 the EV market is estimated to be worth $2T annually. 
  2. Aiming in the right place: To meet expected demand, by 2025 the US will need to build 82k workplace charging stations, 103k public stations of 240-volt level 2 chargers,  and 10k direct current fast-charging stations.  
  3. It’s good to follow the crowd: if the likes of Stanford, Bracewell, and HSBC are taking part, it’s probably a good idea to take note of Freschfield. 


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