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23 and Me and have made DNA data a common part of the social conversation.  

For all its benefits, the issue that’s coming up more and more is the lack of privacy.  In fact, 65% of people who are up for taking a DNA test have stated they have concerns with privacy. is seeking to change the game in this $20B industry by offering the world’s first incognito and encrypted DNA extraction kit. 

Through the use of blockchain technology, will give each user ownership of their own DNA data wallet. 





The Future of Genobank

To accomplish the goal of creating an industry-leading secure platform, has partnered with Oasis Labs, a cutting edge blockchain platform.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Addressing a key pain point: Privacy is the key concern in this $20B market. could be the solution.  
  2. First to market: They’re leading the way!  Currently, they’re the only option available for decentralized DNA data management. 
  3. Booming market: The number of human genome sequences is supposed to jump from 50M to 10B+ by 2025. 


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