Company Background

Phone imageGift Jeenie is a mobile application for IOS and Android that allows users to create a centralized wishlist, adding items from any major online retailer. The company is addressing the problem that many online shoppers encounter which is the need to save multiple shopping carts across various online shops and not having anyone place to reference them.  By allowing users to add their item to Gift Jeenie, online shoppers can now have a central place where all their shopping cart items can live. In addition, users can receive cash back on their purchases made through Gift Jeenie rather than the actual retailer, potentially creating the most wide-reaching loyalty program on the market.

This app is particularly useful for creating wedding registries, birthday wishlists, or even just keeping track of items you see and want to save or share.  Lastly, the platform is powered by Blockchain technology which delivers a more seamless and secure experience for both shoppers and retailers.

What Does Gift Jeenie Do?

This application serves two primary purposes.  Primarily, it creates an easy user experience for avid online shoppers by providing a centralized shopping cart for shoppers and allowing them to share their cart with friends or family.  In addition, purchases made through Gift Jeenie give the user a Cash Back incentive to continue using the application and to purchase with them versus the actual retailers’ online store.

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The second more subtle purpose of this application involves aggregating all of its users’ shopping data to share with its retail partners.  By partnering up with retailers as an affiliate marketer, the company can both earn money by a commision of sales and by selling back information to their retailers on each customer.  This could consist of similar items bought, competitor items in the users’ cart, other online stores the customer shops with, and so much more. This type of data is extremely useful for companies looking to retarget their customers and place ads in strategic locations with high customer traffic.

About the Founders

Vikram Chopra

CEO and co-founder Vikram Chopra has successfully launched multiple tech startups in the consumer and retail space, all with a strong focus in mobile technology.  Specifically, Vikram co-founded and successfully exited RoundAssist, a cloud computing and information technology service.  Vikram prides himself in bringing on a team to Gift Jeenie that shares his ultimate passion and vision for the company.



COO and co-founder Gerard Maynard has over 20 years of experience creating and marketing new technologies.  One of his career highlights includes helping in the development and implementation of the first all-electronic toll road for 407 ETR.  Later in the year 2000, Maynard founded a new startup called Alliance Technologies where he researched up and coming technologies and implemented his findings into Retail and Software verticals.  He has since exited Alliance Technologies to work full time with Gift Jeenie and bring his extensive experience to the table.

The Future of Gift Jeenie

To date, the Gift Jeenie app has over 8000 downloads and has accumulated 1,774 average monthly users.  While these numbers might not blow you away initially, it is interesting to point out the 52% of its users have already created a wishlist, and 23% have shared that list with friends.  This shows the powerful potential for the company to spread organically through its users’ social networks if they can maintain their current progress and expand their retailer partnerships.

A sign that Gift Jeenie is on the right track is their current list of affiliate relationships which includes online retail giants such as Amazon, CJ, Rakuten, Flex Offers, Viglink and another 200+ other online shops.  The company has also partnered up with social media influencers to promote aggressively on all social channels. Bottom line, if the users like the experience and the social media community embrace the idea, Gift Jeenie could potentially hit big profits in no time.

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