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When we think of solar, we often think of huge panels on top of a house.    

But imagine you could go on that next camping trip with a solar powered grill and cooler.  All without needing to sacrifice functionality or ease of use.  

GoSun has brought solar technology into the great outdoors.  They have developed a suite of products that could very likely define the way that solar energy is used in the very near future.  

With the perfect mix of groundbreaking technology, usability, and affordability, GoSun has made solar products accessible to the masses. 

The Future of GoSun

With existing partnerships with the likes of REI and Home Depot, GoSun is riding a steady wave of momentum that has them set to scale into maximum profitability. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Accessibility:  The practicality of their products brings solar energy into the everyday lives of people.  
  2. Green has never tasted so good: Their solar powered stove could set the world ablaze with profits.  
  3. Making the world a better place: GoSun has partnered with the UN and the Red Cross in humanitarian efforts. 

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