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Avid golfers are always looking for new tech to bring their game to the next level.  

Thanks to Graff Golf, soon golfers will be able to add smart golf balls to their arsenal of tech goodies. 




The Future of Graff Golf


Graff Golf sees the budding horizon for both its app platform and underlying tech.  

On the app front, they see a day in the near future where they’ll add a dashboard that will serve as a news feed of scores and stats from the Graff Golf community.  Soon enough you’ll see friends laying down the gauntlet on who has the longest drive or fewest putts… the possibilities are endless!  

On the tech front, Graff Golf sees immense potential to cross over into other sports like baseball, soccer, or tennis.  Basically any sport that includes a ball could be a vertical they could eventually impact. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Lucrative market: In the US alone there are 23M golfers, 8.8M who could be considered “avid” golfers.  This immense group of high income spenders ($2B annually in equipment sales) lose about $300M worth of balls out in the green… so just the location tech alone could be a huge draw.  
  2. Making analytics accessible to the masses: Unless you’re a golfer with access to private lessons or high price machinery, it’s next to impossible to get actual data that could help improve your game.  Graff Golf could change all of that. 
  3. Patents, patents, patents:  Copy cats can be the death of revolutionary tech.  Luckily each Graff Golf ball is embedded with patented technology. 





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