Company Background

Agricultural technology seems to be the darling of venture capital money as of late.  In fact, VCs have poured $55B into agtech.  

Why?  Because agriculture spends a large chunk of its money on manual labor.  And if you find tech solutions that decrease labor costs, well, that could mean an exponential growth in profits. 

Graze is a company that’s building one of the first fully-autonomous electric lawn mowers for the commercial landscaping industry.  

What makes Graze such an exciting opportunity?   Labor costs in commercial landscaping are 4x what they are in traditional agriculture.  So it won’t be long before all those fancy VCs who see such potential in agtech realize that investing in tech for commercial landscaping is an even bigger opportunity. 

The Future of Graze

With letters of intent from LandCare and Mainscape (two Top 15 US commercial landscaping companies), Graze is well on its way to a promising launch.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. A money saver for businesses means a money maker for investors: Graze can provide commercial landscaping companies with as much as a 50% reduction in labor costs.  
  2. Top talent: CEO John Vlay has 35 years as an industry insider and CTO Roman Flores was part of the NASA/JPL team that put the Curiosity Rover on Mars. 
  3. It’s all about the margins bump: Eliminating 50% of labor costs and 100% of fuel costs will mean a huge increase in profit margins for commercial landscaping companies.  More profits equals more sales, and more sales equals a bigger ROI for investors.

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