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Cannabis investments is all the rage right now.  Since 2017, the cannabis industry has grown from $291M to $5.7B… and is projected to reach $22B by 2022.  

For those looking for a way to dip their toes in the cannabis-infused water, Green Growth Real Estate could be just the ticket.  

Green Growth Real Estate states that it is a “diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets for the hemp and cannabis industry.” 

The plus side of being real estate focused is that it allows Green Growth to minimize risk because the tenants are the ones responsible for licensing and compliance.  In other words, the tenants assume the regulatory risks and Green Growth collects the rent.





The Future of Green Growth, LLC

Green Growth’s competitive advantage comes from their vision to be on the cutting edge of where the cannabis market is going.   

Green Growth is doing so by focusing on investing in Caribbean and Latin American countries that are positioned for legalization in the near future. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  • Strong Leadership: Co-founder and CEO Ambassador Dr. Parsan is uniquely qualified to build the necessary inroads into these emerging markets. 
  • Emerging market: With the passing of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) was removed from the Schedule I controlled substances list and classified as an ordinary agricultural commodity.  This has propelled cannabis into a multi-billion dollar industry.  
  • Comparatively Lower risk: while all investments carry risk, the hard asset element of land and equipment leasing allows for greater protection in a fairly new market. 



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