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When it comes to wind turbines, what often comes to mind are the enormous structures that we see in fields alongside major highways.  

But what if you’re a homeowner who wants to harness the power of the wind in your efforts to incorporate renewable energy into your home? 

Enter Harmony Turbines, a company who has developed a patented wind turbine design that is ideal for residential use.  

What makes Harmony’s Turbines special?  

First and foremost it’s the design.  Their turbines won’t be a huge eyesore on your property because their innovative design is much more appealing to the eye than other competitors on the market.  

Second, and definitely more relevant to their market value, Harmony’s turbine design allows for a much wider range of use because their product adjusts its form to match the intensity of the wind.  So when other competitors are worried that their units will crumble under high gusts of winds, Harmony’s adjustable technology takes the change in stride.

The Future of Harmony Turbines

Having already established a working relationship with a location that will let them do a proof of concept run of their product, Harmony Turbine foresees the day when their product will be found in homes and municipalities across the country. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Patents, patents, patents: Revolutionary design is only as good as you insurance that a competitor won’t rip off your design.   
  2. Strong ROI: Harmony is able to provide users with a higher return on investment because of their innovative design that allows the turbine to capture energy in a wider range of wind speeds.  
  3. More than homes: Once they’ve found their ground in the residential market, Harmony believes their product can be applied to the RV and boat markets as well. 

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