Company Background

Good Money management is a skill that many of us end up grappling with way too late in life.  

But what if there was a practical way for parents to begin developing good money management skills in their children from a young age?  

Jazzby is an innovative company that believes it can give parents and kids the technological resources they need to develop solid money management skills.  

Jazzby has built an app-based platform that is part junior bank account, part money management instructor, and part e-commerce portal.  

Now parents can entrust their children with real cash via a mobile wallet where kiddos can spend and save.  

Kids can establish savings goals, keep track of their chores on Jassby’s integrated calendar, and shop via a virtual debit card that provides kids the grown up feeling of spending just like adults do.

The Future of Jassby

With 450k installs and 175k completed registrations in 2019, Jassby is well on their way towards viability.  

Jassby believes it can build on this momentum by continuing to expand on the functionality of their platform and grow their user base in the process. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Need: financial literacy with real world application is something that every child and parent needs.
  2. Partnerships: Jassby has already established a co-branding agreement with Mastercard for a No Fee Virtual Debit Card for kids and teens.  
  3. Momentum: 400k+ installs and 150k+ registrations thus far.

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