Company Background

Strollers.  I know, at first it doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing when it comes to investment opportunities, but did you know that there are nearly a billion (yes, with a B) dollars worth of strollers sold in the US every year?  

JogAlong Stroller believes it sees a target market that’s been overlooked…parents who buy jogging strollers.  In fact, this slice of the stroller market is $200M annually!  

If you’ve ever seen a parent with a jogging stroller, you quickly notice that they’re usually holding the stroller with one hand so they can keep their balance while they run by allowing their other arm to swing in motion with their running pace.  

JogAlong has developed a stroller that allows the jogger to maintain their natural motion while still being able to hold on to the stroller.  

Moreover, the stroller does triple duty because it can also be used as a standard stroller and as a stroller that can be pulled behind a bike.

The Future of JogAlong Stroller

With this equity raise, JogAlong seeks to move towards market launch through a direct to consumer model that focuses on targeted online marketing. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Innovation: The first stroller on the market that incorporates an elliptical motion for the jogger. 
  2. High end: Their target market is households making $100k+ a year which puts them at luxury status as a product.  
  3. Customer satisfaction: Those who have used the product have already become raving fans.

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