Company Background

One thing that all dog owners have in common is the fact that they’ll go to great lengths to ensure the health and happiness of their four-legged family member.  

Just consider these numbers: 

  • There are 89M pet dogs in the US alone
  • The average dog owner spends $2k on their dog yearly 
  • $18B is spent on veterinary care 

Did you know that one-third of dogs die of cancer?  

Yet the only option pet owners have is expensive chemo treatments that significantly diminish quality of life and most often provide an extra 10 months at most.  

LEAH labs is the first to bring cutting edge cancer treatments (CAR T cell therapy), currently offered to humans, to the treatment of cancer in dogs.  They are targeting the exact cancer type in dogs that is curable in humans.


The Future of LEAH Labs

The advantage that LEAH Labs offers to this $1.5B market is a curative, affordable therapy that uses the gene-editing process known as CRISPR. 

Led by a team chalked full of PhD’s and leaders in the veterinary field, LEAH Labs could be a pioneer in pet healthcare.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  • Strong lead team: Lead by a pioneer in the field of gene editing, LEAH Labs has the team in place that could potentially significantly impact cancer treatment for dogs. 

  • Expedited approval process: Because their approval process is funneled through the USDA instead of the FDA, their journey to market could be much faster and cheaper than an FDA route. 

  • Large market with engaged target audience: On average, 36% of pet owners are willing to spend $1K plus in pet health care, with 11% willing to spend $10k+. 



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