Company Background

The push towards renewable energy is not without its hiccups.  For instance, there are certain industries where the jump to renewable energy just isn’t feasible quite yet. 

Take the airline industry.  If a Boeing 787 jet were to run on battery power alone, it would make the plane 40x heavier.  

Manta Biofuel believes it can solve this issue by creating a crude oil alternative that is algae-based rather than fossil fuel-based.  The end result of this process means cars, planes, and trucks can continue using existing technology with the simple modification of running off of biofuel.

The Future of Manta Biofuel

Manta’s unique magnet-driven capture process technology will ultimately allow them to sell their technology to algae farmers who will in turn provide the algae-based crude oil that can be utilized for market consumption. 

Once their technology is refined and ready to bring to market, it will allow for quick scalability into a nationwide network of small algae farms. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Cost: The end product is cost-competitive with fossil-based crude oil.
  2. Third-party validation: Manta has received millions of dollars in grant funds from the US Department of Energy.  
  3. Huge market potential: Because of the flexibility of their product, Manta will be able to enter markets that range from heating oil to standard crude oil.

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