Company Background

From 1960 to 1990, the amount the average person spent on housework dropped from 60 to 20 hours per week.  

What changed?  The availability of washing machines, better refrigeration, and dishwashers (just to name a few).  

Yet one area that has largely remained unchanged is the area of home cooking.  

Pair this with the increased number of folks who are choosing to cook at home vs. dining out, and you’ve got a sweet spot of a market that’s ready for innovation.  

Mealthy is a company that feels that it could be up for the challenge.  

Mealthy is offering small kitchen appliances at affordable prices that are boiling over with technology to help folks cook delicious home-cooked meals that are easy to make.  

Small kitchen appliances are a $155B market.  And Mealthy’s core product, the MultiPot, is the #2 selling multi-function pressure cooker on Amazon. 

The Future of Mealthy

 Alongside the MultiPot, Mealthy is developing an impressive fleet of products that keep expanding year over year.  

As a cutting edge company, Mealthy seeks to be a one-stop-shop experience for users with their online cooking tools that provide recipes, video tutorials, and the ability to order the ingredients right from their app or website.

This multifaceted approach is what makes Mealthy a company worth keeping an eye on. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  • An expanding market: With their success in the US market, Mealthy is set to expand into international markets including Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, India, South America, and South Africa.
  • Growing online presence: Their site receives 100k visitors monthly of completely organic traffic.  
  • Exciting expansion in their product line: Among their numerous new products, one to take note of is their new Mealthy CripLid, with patented instant-crisp technology, that can turn any electric pressure cooker into an air fryer or broiler.  




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