Company Background

Content networks (i.e. Facebook, twitter, etc.) are a multi-billion dollar industry.  But the industry is currently designed primarily for advertisers and not content creators themselves.  

Add to this privacy breaches and the silo effect created by an algorithm-driven social experience and it’s no wonder that there is a growing sense of mistrust and cynicism among users.  

The narrative is seeking to flip that script by creating what it calls the “content economy.” 




The Future of Narrative

With 8.6k+ members, 14k+ posts, and 1k+ niches (see below), this young network is gaining steam by the day. 


What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  • An equitable business model: there is a strong move among the millennial generation for commerce that is socially conscious and equitable. 

  • Appealing to an undervalued sector: Content networks thrive on a currency of attention.  And who is driving the attention? Content creators. Narrative is unique in that it is creating a business model that is considerably more beneficial for content creators than existing models. 

  • Seasoned management team: The secret sauce for any company that makes it big is most often the team that’s leading the charge. 


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