Company Background

Podcasts have brought about a resurgence of the audio medium. 

But what if you’re a content creator that wants to go live?  

Enter Nedl, a platform that let’s audio creators “amplify, monetize and transcribe their words in real-time.”   

A content creator can simply share a link with their audience that automatically lets them listen to the content without the intermediary step of having to download an app.  

The audience can engage with the content creator right then and there, and even tip them directly while they’re listening.

The Future of Nedl

Nedl is set to change the search game by allowing people to search live audio the same way they search the web.  This is just one more way that Nedl is aiming to not only join existing trends, but create new trends all together.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Leadership: Nedl founder’s previous venture includes building the original iheartradio app.  
  2. Easy and profitable: You can own your own live broadcast in as little as 90 seconds, with the means to profit from that broadcast baked right into the platform. 
  3. Search innovation: Paid search is one of the most lucrative forms of advertising.  Nedl allows you to search live audio transcription which adds an entirely new layer to the search game. 

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