Company Background


The idea for NowRx began with a trip to the pharmacy.  After spending the better part of an afternoon jumping through all the logistical hoops required by your run-of-the-mill pharmacy, NowRx CEO Cary Breese decided that there had to be a better way.  

One line for drop off, one line for pick up, and yet another line to consult a pharmacist… the whole experience was a case study in inefficiency.  

What companies like DoorDash and Instacart have done to the food and dining industries, NowRx is primed to do to pharmacies.  

NowRx has developed a customer-centric, tech-driven delivery solution for prescription drugs that they hope will give the pharmacy experience a much needed overhaul.  

By pairing their end-to-end robotic dispensing technology with their advanced logistics platform, NowRx has made it possible for folks to upgrade their pharmacy experience to the on-demand delivery type service they’ve come to expect in so many other parts of their lives.  

By providing complimentary same day delivery, not only does NowRx provide convenience, but it also provides speed of service.


The Future of NowRx

To date, NowRx has 5 facilities servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay area.   And with 90k+ prescriptions delivered thus far to 16k+ customers, NowRx is just getting started.  

NowRx seeks to scale nationwide, replicating the same business model they’ve seen succeed thus far from coast to coast. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. On the cutting edge: all markets are moving towards the on-demand, quick service model.  NowRx believes they could be the ones to bring that market disruption to the pharmacy industry.  
  2. People love them: 86% of NowRx customers say they are very/extremely likely to use NowRx again. 
  3. Certified: NowRx’s proprietary pharmacy management system, QuickFill V3, is certified for use by Surescript, the DEA, Relayhealth, and Caremark.

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