Company Background

There are over 25M small businesses in the US that have 5 or fewer employees.  Yet less than 1M of them use a payroll service.  

Why?  Because payroll services are a paid product and small businesses are trying to pinch pennies wherever they can.  

For as tech forward as many of these services are, they’re missing the fundamental shift towards the free economy on the web.  

There was a day when basic online services like email and web browsers were paid services.  Yet those companies have gone the way of the dodo because companies like google and Firefox found ways to make their services both free and profitable.  

So it was only a matter of time before a free payroll service came along to meet the needs of the 24M companies that have been overlooked by the institutional players.  

Enter, a rapidly growing platform with a loyal and adoring user base (rated 4.8/5 in service and support).

The Future of

With 1k+ new sign ups per month, has seen strong momentum even though they’ve spent $0 on outbound marketing.  

With existing clients in all 50 states, they hope that their investment in marketing efforts will result in exponential growth. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Target Market: 24M small businesses in the US don’t use payroll services because they don’t want to pay for it.  This is s prime target for a company like  
  2. Customer satisfaction: has a 4.8/5 rating in service and support. 
  3. Primed for growth: Thus far has seen steady growth having not spent any money on advertising. 

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