Company Background

Did you know the average American has 130 online accounts?  

With that many accounts, a person usually falls prey to relying on one password, which leaves you vulnerable to being hacked, or having a slew of passwords that you have to manage.  

But what if you had a digital assistant to manage all that for you?  

Enter Persona, an Identity management SaaS platform that marries military-grade encryption with a user-friendly interface easy enough for the average joe. 



The Future of Cytonics

The holy grail of any SaaS platform is whether it can crack the B2B market.  On the horizon for Persona is the development of their enterprise-level service that they hope will help them crack the golden goose egg that is the business to business market.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Huge market potential: total addressable market is $1T. 
  2. Addressing a timely issue: Cybersecurity and data protection are a hot topic right now and market interest will only increase. 
  3. One-click: Of all the Identity Management platforms on the market, none come close to Persona’s capacity for one-click long-in.



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