Company Background

Retail shopping is making a major shift towards self-service and automation.  

100m in the US alone will use some type of vending machine or kiosk on any given day. 

Yet the vending industry is a sector with a high entry point and no sure way to capture data.  

Popcom believes it can solve both those issues.  

On the hardware side, they’ve developed a cutting edge, fully integrated kiosk with an accessible price point and immense versatility.  

But the software side is where the real potential lies.  Popcom has developed a SaaS platform with features that facilitates an engaging customer experience that also gathers an immense amount of data on the backend. 



Popcom believes that the immediate hotspot that they are uniquely qualified to dominate is the regulated retail industry.  

Chief among these industries are cannabis, pharma, alcohol, and tobacco.  

Popcom’s blend of hardware and software is seemingly tailor made to be able to navigate the regulatory landscape of each of these industries.  

Ultimately, Popcom would like to white label their SaaS platform for use across any vertical that is moving towards a self-service, automated model.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Full steam ahead: This the second round of crowdfunding for Popcom.  Their first round was among the Top 10 all-time best performing campaigns for StartEngine. 
  2. Strong partnerships:  Pilot partners include Procter & Gamble, a top three global winemaker, and Cremers Coffeshop,a premier cannabis shop in the Netherlands.  
  3. Data is king: With such an immense move towards kiosk style retail, the data gathering element may be just as lucrative as the sale of hard goods.

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