Company Background

Rumble Motors from Rasmus Simons on Vimeo.

Whether on two wheels or four, electric vehicles are all the rage.  

The market is huge, and red hot.  In fact, the global electric mobility market is expected to reach $480B by 2025. 

Targeting the neglected niche of mid-sized e-bikes, Rumble Motors is a company with a vision to create sustainable and enjoyable vehicles at an affordable price point.  

Rumble Motors believes they’ve found the sweet spot in blending style, fun, and eco-friendliness.

The Future of Rumble Motors

Currently Rumble Motors is at the tail end of its planning stage for the construction of a new factory in Sacramento, CA.  In tandem with their existing factory in Sweden, these two locations will allow them to focus on the North American and the European market at the same time.  

Rumble Motors believes this will more than 10x their production capacity, catapulting their annual output from 200 to 2600 units per year. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Right on the money: Rumble Motors is targeting a sweet spot in the market they feel has been woefully neglected.  Currently, the predominant options for electric vehicles are either small scooters or full-sized vehicles. There’s a huge opportunity for a company making mid-sized cafe racer style e-bikes.  
  2. Green is the future: According to the 2019 International Energy Agency report, the Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI) is gaining some serious traction with 129 cities representing 13 countries signing on as backers. 
  3. Booming market: The global electric mobility market is expected to balloon to $480B by 2025


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