Company Background

Did you know the average gas-powered car is only utilized 5% of the time?  

Add to that the $9k+ annual operation costs and 4.6 tons of annual carbon emissions, and that 5% is looking pretty pricey.  

So why not go electric?  Is it too expensive? Are you afraid of the car not having enough range?  

Those are all good reasons, but Sondors may have found a creative solution for those issues and more.  

Let’s get the range question out of the way, their vehicles come with a 300-mile range.  

Now let’s talk about expenses.  Right out of the gate the Sondors vehicle comes in at the attractive price point of $19.5k.  

But that’s not where the real savings come from.  You see, Sondors isn’t just building an affordable EV, they’re also creating an innovative car-sharing network where owners can rent their cars out when not in use.  The owner keeps 70% of the daily usage fee and can even apply the earnings towards their monthly payment.  

Imagine, you could potentially find yourself helping the planet at virtually little to no out of pocket costs.

The Future of Sondors

Sondors is a company that knows a thing or two about electric transportation.  They began building electric bikes. And 35k units later, they feel they’re ready to take their philosophy to the car market.  

Sondors is seeking to combine two red hot sectors, the sharing marketplace and electric vehicles.  How big are these sectors? By 2025 they could have a combined value of $567B.


What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Two are better than one: Their business plan combines the car-sharing marketplace and the electric vehicles market.  A combined market of $567B by 2025.  
  2. It’s all about that base: No, not music, but a grassroots base of engaged participants.  Their first round of funding raised over $1M and they are seeking to take their company to the next level through this second round of crowdfunding.  
  3. One successful venture deserves another: Founder and CEO Storm Sonders already made a name for himself in the electric bike market.  The Sondors e-bike is not sold in over 42 different countries.  

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