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The future of medicine is gene therapeutics. Though still quite young in its application, using gene editing techniques in the treatment of existing illnesses could prove to be a game changer in how care is provided.

Stark Therapeutics believes they are well on their way to introducing this type of therapeutic approach in the treatment of Type II Diabetes, a chronic disease that afflicts 30M+ in the US alone.

But that’s just one aspect of Start Therapeutics. They are also hard at work on a Covid-19 vaccine that uses a proven method built upon the vaccine that was developed for the original SARS epidemic that occurred in the early 2000’s.

Using only a $50k grant won through the “Fight the Virus” challenge, Stark Therapeutics was able to set up a lab and produce 1k doses of a Covid-19 vaccine (which is currently in a preclinical study) in just 4 weeks!

The Future of Stark Therapeutics

With the funds they hope to procure through this equity raise, Stark Therapeutics seeks to move into the next phase of the development process for both of their treatments.  


Type II Diabetes

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Timing: As the world continues to fall deeper into the crisis caused by Covid-19, there will be a huge pent up demand for a viable vaccine.  
  2. Long term market: 30M+ Americans suffer from Type II Diabetes and there is a constant need for treatment innovation. 
  3. Strong partnerships: Their forthcoming study for their Type II Diabetes treatment will be done in partnership with Michigan State University, one of the premiere research institutions in the US.

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