Company Background

If the current news climate has taught us anything, it’s been that media has become hyper-partisan and being able to trust a news source is getting trickier by the minute.  

The underlying drive for what content gets airtime is often rage-bait news that’s high on fear and low on fact-based analysis.  

Subverse is seeking to subvert all of this with their community-owned, independent, decentralized news network.  

With 130+ subscribers and 2.7M+ views in just one month, Subverse is on a mission (according to their purpose statement), “…to fuel a paradigm shift in civil discourse with fact-based news and analysis, diversity of thought and groundbreaking media and entertainment.” 

On the spectrum of news sources, they’ve positioned themselves as a network that is both balanced and fact-based in their analysis.


The Future of Subverse

By way of revenue streams, Subverse is choosing to move away from the private interest funded model to one that is both diverse and sustainable.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  • Market trends: As the chart below shows, subscription-based digital news has shown to have a strong revenue market.

  • Media Coverage: Co-Founder Tim Pool was a founding member of Vice News, the fastest-growing news org in history and has been featured in news outlets that span the political spectrum

  • Groundswell of support: with 130k+ subscriptions and 2.7M+ views, their audience base is engaged and active. 


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