Company Background

Let’s be honest, we all love candy!  Yet when it comes to branding, the market is geared towards kiddos. 

So if you’re an adult, the candy experience has an inherent “childishness” to it.  

Surgarfina believes it can capitalize on this overlooked market by bringing refined, luxury candy to the confectionary market.  

Surgarfina partners with artisan candy makers worldwide to offer a luxuriously playful candy experience for the refined adult with a sweet tooth. 

The Future of Sugarfina

With $18M in revenue since November of 2019, Sugarfina is ready to scale their product and take over the high-end candy space.  

Abiding by their core values of luxury, playfulness, and innovation, Sugarfina has racked up 470k+ e-commerce customers to day. 

The global confectionery market is set to hit $214B by 2026, and Sugarfina has their sights set on growing their influence with their key demographic, namely, fashionable and influential women.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Growing Market: Confection market is projected to hit $214B by 2026. 
  2. Untapped demographic: Candy is primarily branded towards children, so targeting the adult market is a space that’s just waiting to be disrupted. 
  3. Loyal customer base: 470k+ have already purchased from them and often keep coming back for more.

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