Company Background

Smart technology is fast becoming integrated into the very make up of a commercial property.  

And while this provides ease of use in a targeted function (e.g. climate control, security, etc.), these smart features rarely talk to each other.  

This results in inefficiencies and disconnection.  Multiple vendors means multiple gatekeepers, which all too often results in a breakdown of services.  

Tapa is bringing a centralized platform that acts as the central nervous system of the building.  

Part of the “internet of things” (IoT) revolution, Tapa serves to provide the connective cyber tissue between everything from security, to climate control, to lighting.  

Now you can manage every single aspect of a building from one place.

The Future of Tapa

The global smart building tech market is currently around $61B.  Tapa believes it can disrupt this market and become a major player in the tech integration niche. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. IoT: with new smart devices and platforms coming on the market at an incredible rate, solutions that bring integration, known as “the internet of things,” is fast becoming a booming market opportunity. 
  2. “Save me the money”: Tapa boosts performance efficiencies in physical spaces bringing down overall costs. 
  3. Experience: Tapa’s team is chalked full of SaaS industry vets. 

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