Company Background

Recycling is good for the planet, but did you also know that’s it’s a $250B market?  That’s right, recycling is big business. 

Though lucrative, trading in recyclables can be financially risky due to fraud, off-spec material quality, or uncollectable claims (just to name a few).  

Tradefox seeks to address these issues by providing in-depth company reports that assess for trading behaviors, thus allowing trading to occur in a much more transparent and informed manner.  

The Tradefox platform also provides the means to search for companies based on a rich array of filters, helping to ensure that the ideal match is found from a trading standpoint. 





Tradefox has their sights set on becoming the premier platform for services related to the trade of recyclables.  They hope that by 2020, $2B of the yearly global scrap trade will be facilitated through the Tradefox platform. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Growth: Tradefox has added 110k company profiles since 2018 and seeks to add an additional 300k by the end of 2019.  All this has the potential to equate to $200M in value per year for companies in their target industry.  
  2. Potential industry impact: To date, Tradefox is the only company doing what their doing.  Considering that they’re targeting a substantial pain point in a $250B market, this could potentially provide them with a unique advantage in the space.  
  3. Seasoned Founder/CEO: Chris Yerbey, Founder and CEO of Tradefox, is a 22 year industry veteran and has a strong entrepreneurial track record. 



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