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Climate change is the most pressing existential crisis of our generation.  And while the awareness that action needs to be taken is universal, tangible action can be hard to come by.  

UCapture states that there are three major roadblocks that most people face when it comes to combating climate change – we don’t want to pay for it, we’re hard pressed to change our habits, and we don’t feel any immediate incentive to taking action.  

UCapture offers a solution to each of these roadblocks by providing a way to combat climate change that is free, easy to use, and rewarding. 

They do this by way of a browser extension that automatically applies discounts available when shopping on a site that has partnered with UCapture. 

The partnering site pays UCapture an affiliate fee which serves three purposes: 

  • The proceeds are used to fund carbon offset projects thus impacting climate change. 
  • It provides the consumer the win-win scenario of saving money on a product they purchase while also offsetting their carbon footprint.  
  • It provides the affiliate “green marketing” that both impacts climate change and raises their credibility in the minds of climate conscious consumers.  

Browser extensions like Honey has made this means of affiliate marketing common use.  Now UCapture is taking this same approach and using it to combat climate change.


The Future of UCapture

With over 25k affiliate marketing relationships that include such heavy hitters as Expedia and Target, UCapture is already gaining traction.  

Notable future endeavors include the development of a mobile app, and a card-link system that lets the consumer link their debit or credit card and thus trigger the same discount process when doing in-person purchases with participating merchants.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Save money while saving the planet: UCapture uses a tried and true affiliate model to combat climate change.  
  2. Joining existing initiatives: Most major universities and corporations already have sustainability initiatives in place.  UCapture has leveraged these relationships in much of their initial growth.   
  3. Win-win-win: UCapture provides a model that is a win for consumers through discounts, a win for companies through affiliate marketing, and a win for the planet via the investment in carbon offset projects.

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