Company Background

Knowingly or unknowingly, content creators with an engaged audience are sitting on a goldmine. The credibility earned through the steady flow of great content makes for a target audience that is primed for affiliate marketing.   

The catch to taking advantage of these potential revenue streams is usually a mix of lack of know-how and lack of bandwidth.  

Enter, a start-up who believes their platform could be the one-stop-shop for content creators seeking to monetize their audience.  

Their platform offers the tools needed for content creators to build a content brand for their audience.  

Just take a look at one of their testimonials…





The Future of

With a monthly revenue of $193K+ with only 5 brands, sees nothing but exponential growth ahead of them as they continue to scale the number of brands and verticals using their platform.  

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Huge Market: with the combination of subscription and ad revenue, is seeking to find its slice of a $149B market
  2. Proof of Concept: is already generating $193K+ monthly with just 5 brands.  Now it’s time for them to scale, scale, scale.  
  3. is already a media darling: Just take a look at this glowing article




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