Company Background

In 2019, Patrick Kim was eating lunch at a local restaurant that a friend had suggested on social media. It was at that moment that he was hit with a powerful idea. 

He wondered, what if brands – instead of paying crazy high fees to agencies for marketing their product or service, decided to leverage the power of grassroots social influence from individuals sharing about their company.  

And that’s when Worth was born. Since that day Worth has been on the wild startup ride and found themselves riding a major wave of momentum. 

Watch the video linked here to hear from Patrick Kim the CEO!

The Future of Worth

Worth has built software that empowers consumer businesses to identify & convert their customers into marketers. We’ve built a Proprietary Search engine on social media platforms that can identify thousands of customers.

Customers post Instagram stories about their favorite Brands for rewards and in turn recommend the brand to their Family & Friends. This is a really powerful recommendation that helps the business drive revenue.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Ad Tech: The Ad Tech market is getting bigger by the day. With multiple social platforms popping up and leveraging advertising, this market isn’t close to stopping it’s up and to the right growth. 
  2. Growth: 20x revenue growth in first 5 months
  3. Partnerships: Solidified API partnerships with Facebook and Instagram

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