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Eclipse Diagnostics

Industry: Cannabis
  • Handheld cannabis testing device that provides quality control 
  • Lab-level accuracy letting growers know the ideal time to harvest 
  • There are 66k growers in the US and no cost-effective means for testing



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  • They automate manual workflows in a way that’s both easy to use and wonderfully customizable
  • client roster includes companies such as Adobe, ebay and PayPal
  • They get $350k+ worth of free clicks from Google search every month



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  • Reducing energy costs in the cannabis growth process by 60% 
  • 6k units have already been spoken for by word of mouth alone 
  • The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing markets currently
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  • Bringing innovation to the field of veterinary care through a cancer cure that uses gene editing 
  • Of the 89M pet dogs in the US, one-third will die of cancer 
  • The veterinary field is a $15B market






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