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Ramp USA

Industry: Tech & Robotics
  • On a mission to cure disabilities with robotics 
  • Converts any manual chair into an off-road electric vehicle 
  • 11 million in the US alone suffer from lower limb disability


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Industry: Tech
  • Providing an on-demand marketplace connecting parents and sitters
  • Parents spend an average of $1K annually on sitters totaling a market worth $34B 
  • Proprietary 5 Step Vetting process


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  • Nationwide network for the hemp industry that seeks to create efficient supply chains and increased interest in hemp-related products
  • The CBD industry is set to reach $22B by 2022 
  • Revitalizing the numerous family farms that have grown dormant
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DirectTech Labs
Industry: Tech
  • Platform helps gig companies retain and engage workers 
  • Live in over 70 countries across 20+ languages 
  • Clients include Plexus Worldwide, Kyani, and PM International





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