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  • Offering fractional leasing service for low mileage drivers 
  • A car solution tailored for the urban lifestyle 
  • Upshift boosts a 94% paid customer retention rate
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  • Pairing travelers with shoppers and utilizing unused luggage space as a delivery system for international purchases.
  • Potential to disrupt a $300B+ industry.
  • Following the mold of Airbnb, Uber, and Doordash by adding international travel to the gig economy.


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  • Fusion energy generator that’s safe, Cost-effective, and environmentally friendly 
  • Fusion technology company leading the pack in privately funded research
  • Multiple patents issued and $7.5M raised thus far from investors


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Industry: CBD
  • A leading brand in high-performance cognitive nutrition launching a CBD infused product line.
  • Pioneering the combination of CBD, Nootropics, and Ketones with their new, patent-pending product line.
  • Nootropics, Ketones, and CBD will represent $38B+ in combined estimated market potential by 2024.



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