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Industry: Tech
  • A data marketplace for rare diseases with the aim to accelerate cures together
  • With key partners in place, this SaaS offering has a potential onramp towards market penetration 
  • Global genetics testing market is projected to reach $17B+ by 2025



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  • Flipping the script on content networks by creating the first true content economy 
  • Offering a decentralized alternative to algorithm-driven networks 
  •  An equitable alternative for the 5.7B total content network users


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  • An online betting platform that’s safe, secure, and easy to use
  • 200k+ verified users and $75M+ in bets placed
  • Established in the horse betting vertical and ready to grow as legalization expands
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  • Cannabis SaaS platform with a click-wheel style interface that integrates retail POS systems
  • Potentially a lucrative source of data insight for industry 
  • The worldwide cannabis industry is set to reach $40B by 2021



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