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Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Kelp-based meat alternative made from regenerative aquaculture 
  • Alternative meat industry is projected to hit $27B by 2025 
  • Received Time’s Best Invention award
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  • Leverage the power of the individual persons Social Networks to drive brand awareness. 
  • Partnering with Facebook and Instagram
  • Worth has created a medium for an individual to make money and be an influencer for brands on a micro-level.
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  • Toxin-free, whiskey-based natural deodorant 
  • 3x year-over-year growth in revenue since 2017
  • Working at a 86% profit margin
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  • Luxury candy brand made for adults 
  • 18M in revenue since November of 2019 
  • Confection market is projected to reach $214B by 2026
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