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Wind Harvest

Industry: Energy
  • 2x the energy output of wind farms by capturing near-ground wind gusts 
  • Low to the ground wind turbines that double the capture potential of existing turbines 
  • Tapping into $250B in untapped wind production in existing wind farms
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  • 3-D Printing technology that marries functionality with cost effectiveness 
  • Bringing customized capabilities at mass production prices 
  • 3-D printing will be a $36B+ industry by 2024
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  • Fitness platform in Virtual Reality
  • Solid partnership with Oculus 
  • Development team helped create Guitar Hero and Rock Band
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  • Innovative travel and lifestyle gear made from upcycled plastic
  • Awarded Time Magazine’s Best Inventions, and FastCompany’s World Changing Ideas 
  •  465% year over year e-commerce growth from 2019 to 2020
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