How to Change Your Username on Reddit

what is the number next to my name on reddit

Delete the suggested username and type in your preferred username. Click on the typing area and replace the auto-assigned username with the username you want. Tap on the typing area and replace the auto-assigned username with the username you want.

what is the number next to my name on reddit

Additionally, if you’ve made an account using the ‘Continue with Email’ option on the Reddit app, Reddit will ask you to manually enter a username. This will count as the one time you’re allowed to enter a username of your choice and you will not see a ‘change username’ pop-up separately. The main challenge for Reddit in allowing users to change usernames is the massive number of database fields that need to be updated. Comments, submissions, and posts you have interacted with or created require updating with the new usernames.

Changing the Reddit username of an old account can be fool’s gold. Let’s first delete your account so we can create a new one using the same email address with your preferred username. This can help your contacts that have your email ID find you again on Reddit and your new username. Here’s how you can change your Reddit username while retaining your email ID. After the 30-day window has expired, you cannot make any further changes to your username. However, even during the 30-day window, you can only change your username once.

How to Check if Your Reddit Name is Available

Your Reddit handle is your identity on this platform, so it needs to align with who you are or what your business is about. Once you create your name on Reddit, you can’t change it, so make sure you’re happy with it. As a social news platform, Reddit lets people share and discuss content. It’s a great way for businesses to provide customer service, share product or service information, and generally engage with users. Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t allow making corrections to usernames. You’re only allowed to choose one username that stays forever.

what is the number next to my name on reddit

To retain your email address, you simply have to deactivate your account and create a new account using the same email address. This will allow you to choose a new username during the sign-up process. The display name of a Reddit profile is another name used to identify a Reddit user.

Reddit Usernames: A Permanent Decision

Here are a few commonly asked questions about changing your username on Reddit that should help you get up to speed with the latest available information. You can check the age of your Reddit account using either of the two methods mentioned below. Follow either one based on your current needs and requirements.

  1. Open the Reddit app and tap your profile avatar in the top right corner.
  2. Fortunately, doing so is a quick and easy process that only includes a few steps, but you must act fast.
  3. The username and display name on Reddit are entirely different.
  4. Here’s how to change your username for a new account when using the Reddit mobile app.

You can now follow the on-screen instructions to set up and use your new account. We can now create a new account using the same email address. Reddit will now ask you to divulge the region why you choose to delete your account. Let’s start by first deactivating your Reddit account. Make sure you see a notification on your screen, confirming that your Reddit username has been changed. While other social media platforms are equipped for this task, Reddit is not due to its use of the NoSQL database for data storage.

You have now edited your Reddit username to your liking.

If you want to switch between accounts on a web browser without logging out, you’ll need the help of a browser extension. Installing something like RES will help you accomplish the task. Now type in your preferred username in the dedicated text box. Now type in your username and password to confirm your identity. Open the Reddit app and tap your profile avatar in the top right corner. On the left side of your screen, tap on the ‘My Profile’ option.

This would apply to you, and Reddit would have to do the same for millions of accounts. When a new account is created, Reddit automatically assigns a stock username to this account and presents its owner with an option to change this username in a 30-day window. However, it should be noted that despite the concrete conditions, Reddit does allow you to create multiple accounts linked with the same email address. For the purpose of this guide, we will begin by creating a new Reddit account. We will then top it off by using Reddit’s ‘Change username’ pop-up to finalize the one-time username change.

On phone (using Reddit app)

According to Reddit, you can change your username only if your account was created using an Apple ID or a Gmail account. Upon creation, Reddit will automatically assign you a stock username and give you an option to change this username right away. Regarding usernames, maybe you wanted to change your teenage username on Reddit, but you were disappointed because this is not something you can do. Maybe you had too many confrontations with other users? No matter your situation, allowing only one username forever is Reddit’s way of combatting cybercrime.

In closing, Reddit is really about community, discussion, and idea exchanging. Also, your username only appears on your profile page. Everything else you do on Reddit uses your “Display Name,” but you must make one within your profile settings. You can change the “Display Name” anytime you want, and there are no limits.

What is Karma on Reddit?

Your Reddit username will be displayed in the following spaces (refer to the picture below). If the username is available, you will be shown a message “Nice! Type in your preferred password in the next text box. Open the Reddit app from your phone’s home screen. A display name can be edited anytime and as many times as you want.

However, you can always create a new account.Many people registered for Reddit using their Google or Apple account rather than setting one up from scratch. One of the three requirements to change your username is receiving a randomly assigned one on Reddit. You can check if your account is 30 days old or not and hence eligible for changing your username by tapping on the profile option. If you receive a pop-up asking whether you want to change your username, your account is less than 30 days old. Reddit allows you to create multiple accounts using the same Gmail account. Here’s how to change your username for a new account when using the Reddit mobile app.


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