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Industry: SaaS
  • Integrative platform for all smart features in a commercial building
  • The global smart building tech market is currently around $61B
  • Leading the chart in the emerging IoT (internet of things) market 
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  • Wearable medical device that helps treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Less than 1% of users experience any type of side effects 
  • On the fast track towards FDA approval
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Industry: App
  • Preventing online fraud through app producing dynamic CVV2 for credit, debit and debit cards
  • Online fraud is a $6.4B issue annually 
  • Multiple banks already in the pipeline to adopt Keyno
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  • Residential wind turbines that give a greater ROI to consumers
  • Patented design allows the turbine to capture wind energy in a wider range of wind speeds 
  • Appealing design means homeowners will be more inclined to purchase the product
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